Social Media Management

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Facebook Posts

Facebook is the place to gain your customers who are middle-aged.

Instagram Management

Instagram targets the younger audience in the twenties and below

Google Analytics

Google is where everyone comes into contact with for Google search, Google business and Google's services

Types of management

Management is key to keeping your social media active and giving your customers recent information…

Post management

Post management aids in SEO in addition to to keeping your profiles up to date with offers making your customers feel exclusive, also update with your products and aid in exchanging information in a more modern context.

SEO management

This management is important in order to  gain a natural flow of customers where your account shows up when they search for related products/services related to your company.

Active management

This type of management will be done in conjunction with you as the business which will be assisted by us and that is to gain a personal attachment to your target market and boosts your customer service and builds your good reputation.

Growing Your Business

How Does This Help?

Keeping A head of your competition

Customers want to know they are getting the most recent deal and social media is the quickest way to access your customers, rather than older techniques such as mail or email which get discarded especially after GDPR act. We make sure you're ahead so you get the advantage.


Your business information for example latest products and deals can be accessed in one place for the customer, events and discounts can be shared publicly getting more publicity. Where all information is sorted by us Jones Marketing.

Getting your name heard

With post management we use SEO (search engine optimisation) in order to make you socials rank higher up in the Social Media allowing your business to be found easily by your new or existing customers.


Most frequent questions and answers

Hardly, you will have to provide us with the information needed, post ideas and latest deals. However the SEO, Posting and setting up will be done by us, Jones Marketing.

Yes, however we will need access to the existing ones in order to update them.

Yes. But the socials listed above are the socials that we specialise In and believe give the greatest benefit.

Just fill out the form below stating what service/services you would like us to do and we will reply with further details on how to get in touch. 

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