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Social media, Website, Apps, advertising on facbook all unlock so much potential  to develop your business

Why dont you invest in us, Jones Marketing Burton, and you will see the improvement within weeks, as more and more targeted customers appear at your business having a higher success rate of wanting to purchase your services/products, using cost-efficient advertising and methods.

We Deliver
bespoke websites  for all your needs!

Here at Jones Marketing a localy founded business in Burton on trent, we create websites for all needs from Personal or business Blogs, to Car e-commerce and car dealerships and retail shops. Here at Jones Marketing we don’t stick to a formula, you decide; from a traditional website to a modern website its up to you.

At Jones Marketing Burton 
Social Media 
enhances your client awarenesses 

Social media takes up More and More of our daily lives. Furthermore determines how we live our lives through subtle hints taking millions of pounds in investment into social engineering in order to make your advertising on social media beneficial and cost efficient. In Turn persuade you to advertise on  their social media, which only benefits you as a company.

Why is Social Media important?

Today, people’s lives are centres around their mobile phones so what better way to contact them is by using the way we communicate.

Uk Population use Social Media

UK with Internet Access

Of a day Millenals use Phones

Web Design & Development

To follow through with our outstanding Jones Marketing service in Burton, first of all we will work with you to desgin the website and create a template for later that will be worked and developed. For example for a Car Dealership we would ask you if you want information to be passed directly to you or for the customer to apply for finace or book a appointment online for you to then have easier access to. In addition layouts and themes will be chosen either by you if you want maxium custability or for us to create the website and allow us to tailor the website to you.


App Design & Development

We also desgin and develop apps, so if you want your customers to stay connected we can do that. 


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With the Word spreading like Wildfire about how useful Social media has become and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more social traffic is being disgarded because of lack of knowledge, Don’t let this be you!
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